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The 18 best survival games 2022

The 18 best survival games 2022

If you’ve ever been stranded out in the wilderness, you’ve wanted nothing more than to get back to your own four walls really quickly. But when it comes to playing the hottest survival games on the PC, things look very different. Comfortably from the sofa? Yes, please, gaming fans are there, of course. Survival and adventure are all the rage, as even a look at the online casino shows. Although you don’t need any survival equipment when playing poker, you’ll get that survival feeling from the wide variety of adventure slots. The following 18 games should be tried by every adventurer!

1. ARK: Survival Evolved – Survival among dinosaurs

Studio Wildcard has brought a fascinating survival game onto the market with ARK, which brings some challenges with it. Everything starts completely naked and with little knowledge. Only those who are clever will sooner or later learn how to survive on an island populated by dangerous dinosaurs.

2. Valheim – for all Vikings at heart

If you were born a Viking, you will find your second home in Valheim. The goal of the game is to become Allfather Odin’s right hand man. To achieve this, however, you need a lot of fighting skills, and in this survival game you can only learn them bit by bit.

3. Conan Exiles – Life in the desert

Scorching heat from above, hands tied to the cross. Conan comes and rescues the player, but then he is sent into the desert. The land cannot be left, as the bracelet put on would otherwise kill the player. Now it’s a matter of bare survival and when and how liberation is possible.

4. DayZ – alone among zombies

DayZ is the classic when it comes to zombie survival fights. A virus infected the population and now they survive by attacking humans. The open-world game offers many adventure and travel possibilities and also the chance to play together with your friends.

5. Fallout76 – underrated highlight from Bethesda

A nuclear war has destroyed the Earth and only a few survivors remain. Vault 76 is the starting point back into the world and now it’s about bringing the USA back to life. Traditionally, however, people have not remained alone, ghouls and other adversities must be fought.

6. The forest – gamer alone in the forest

After a plane crash on a deserted island, the player sets out to find his son Timmy. In The Forest, the main thing that makes life difficult are the enemies, which are really creepy and hard to fight. Only the best gamers are able to find son Timmy at all.

7. No Man’s Sky – Trip into Space

Even in space, skills are essential for man to survive. The game offers access to 18 quadrillions of different planets where alien species lurk. Only those who are ready to face the adversities of space and survive will really advance in this sci-fi game.

8. Raft – nothing more than a raft

Here the name says it all, the whole game starts on a raft, which is floating in the middle of the ocean. If you need more ways to survive, you have to get them. In Raft there is no land, the whole game takes place on the raft, which can be expanded more and more.

9. SCUM – the simulation with adventure effect

The virtual game show SCUM exposes people to zombies on an island. Spectators watch with amusement what happens now. The player, of course, plays an abandoned criminal and has the task of surviving. Not so easy, because the zombies are real beasts.

10. Rust – the right of the fittest

Rust does not have a story, instead it is simply the law of the strongest. Everything starts on a deserted island, naked and with only a stone in your hand. As a PvP survival game, Rust offers adventurers many possibilities, but it also holds frustration in store.

11. Minecraft – not only for survival fans

Minecraft is on the one hand an open world for hobby architects, but also contains survival elements. The mode can be turned off, but when it is active, there are many monsters and dangers that must be defeated. If not, the player dies and spawns again somewhere in the foreign lands.

12. V Rising – the deprived vampire

The player starts V Rising as a vampire that has been stripped of all its power. To survive, it needs blood, lots of blood! A very different kind of survival game, which is especially good for vampire fans.

13. Subnautica – adventures underwater

In Subnautica, everything takes place on a spaceship that has crashed on a sea planet. To survive, you need strategy and raw materials, which can be found underwater. The greatest adventures definitely await below the water’s surface.

14. Don’t starve – please don’t eat too little

The name of the game already says it all, “don’t starve” is the motto and that’s not so easy. The self-drawn environment offers plenty of challenges and in the mode “Don`t Starve Together” you can fight against hunger together with your friends.

15. This War of Mine – the post-war period

An impoverished and devastated city after the war is the main game location. The player himself does not take on the role of a military man, but that of the population. The goal is to survive and escape from the ruins of the destroyed city.

16. 7 Days to Die – it almost never lasts that long

After the nuclear war, nothing is as it was. A virus has turned people into zombies, only a few were not infected. Somehow it is clear that the player plays exactly such a one. There is only one goal in this game – survival and it is anything but easy.

17. This land is my land – when settlers go on a campaign of conquest

It is the colonial era of America and the first settlers have conquered the land. If only there were not the wars with the natives, which reduce the chance of survival. This time the player gets to take on the role of a Native American and has the honorable task of fighting the settlers.

18. The long Dark – back to civilization

When a plane crashes in the middle of the wilderness, the chances of returning to civilization are slim. No way to get help, no information and freezing temperatures make life difficult for the player. In the role of pilot William Mackenzie, the most important task is to get back home.

Conclusion: Survival games galore

The above 18 games are only a fraction of what the gaming industry has to offer. So if you’ve always wanted to slip into the role of the brave hero, you’ll find varied options that provide hours of fun and also tempt you to swear.