About us

The editorial staff of campsintuits.com introduces itself. We would like to support you in the purchase of your camping equipment.

Our authors are passionate campers and can therefore give you useful product recommendations.

Brianne J. Pinheiro

Brianne has loved camping since she was little. As a child, she went camping in the mountains every summer with her parents.

Therefore, she knows a lot about tents and camping equipment and has great product recommendations for you.

Thomas Dejesus

Thomas is out and about in the great outdoors a lot on his bike or motorcycle. He likes to spend the night outdoors on his tours.

Here he shares his product recommendations with you.

Barry White

Barry’s great passion is touring in his converted VW bus. With him he undertakes road trips across the country.

You can find out how to be suitably equipped for such camping trips in his product guides.

Joshua Myers

Joshua is a journalism graduate. He enjoys researching different topics and acquiring new knowledge.

His research skills come in handy when creating the product guides.